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During the month of May, the AMILOIDE project ended the first round of compound screening

Since the launch of the first production WorkUnit of the AMILOIDE-Ibercivis project, in October 2009, and until May 2010, all 2,259,573 WorkUnits have been sent out to BOINC clients on Ibercivis. Of these, approximately 80% have been reported as successful results. This represents an average of 8600 WorkUnits per day, or 258,000 WorkUnits per month being validated. Client errors are mostly due to aborted jobs (74%), followed by compute errors (23%). Download errors account only for 3% of the errors. The computing performance of this experiment is impressive: the Ibercivis platform provided the AMILOIDE project with above 350,000 hours of CPU time during the first 7 months of execution.

Analysis of the docking results being returned are very promising indicating that the compounds found hold distinctive features from the known TTR binders, with better solubility, more tolerable halogen fraction and better combination of binding pocket affinities.

The project will continue runing with the re-submission of the failed jobs,
and with alternative TTR tridimensional structures as targets.

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Enhorabuena,pensar que esto es solo en Amiloide sin nombrar el restos de proyectos ademas de no aprovechar las capacidades 64 bits ni el calculo gpu del que se dispone da mucho que pensar,falta aprovechar el resto de recursos,desde los 64 bits a las gpu.

Mis felicitaciones.
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres