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La web de Ibercivis ( ya está disponible en inglés. Además, en la parte de "Estadisticas" podéis visitar nuevos contenidos con información acerca de los créditos y tiempo de CPU de los diferentes proyectos.

Ibercivis web ( is now available in English. Moreover, in the "Statistics" section you will find new contents with information of the credits and CPU time of the various projects.

The web is in Spanish by default, so for non-English foreigners that want to visit the English version, please add English language in your language settings (below your own language, of course) on your navigator.

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LeaxCreesia -

Few days ago announcement has been made by CCP that they want to introduce micropayements into Eve online. First item that should be available for sale is skill remap.
Eve online is an excellent game as it is. One server, average of 35 thousand people online, hundreds of players clashing with each other in defense of theirs dominions.
When I heard about this initiative I was shocked. We already pay a monthly fee for playing Eve. Now they try to introduce privileges for those who can spend more real money for the game? There is already a decent system implemented which allows those with to much money to legally purchase ISK eve currency. This system works fine for years now and is one of the best ideas implemented by CCP.
But micropayements are too much. By looking at all other games that decided to go with micropayements you will notice that most of those MMOs balance is now broken. at the begging there are unimportant things but the demand for better and better items sooner or later spins the system out of control.
Those with to much real money get unfair advantage over those who cant afford to spend more than the monthly fee.
So CCP do not break Eve. Rise the monthly fee if you have to to but don't mess up the fragile balance of New Eden. kredyt na dowód

HomSlemiweame -

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Jordan Flight 45 -

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Nicolas -

No funciona en Safari. El problema es que Safari envia "en-us" en Accept-Language, pero ibercivis solo muestra la pagina en inglés si ve "en".

Jorge Mena -

Las nuevas gráficas son muy interesantes, lo único es que no puedo comparar las estadísticas con mis resultados porque hay muchas máquinas con distintos niveles de potencia en Ibercivis (tendrán tiempos de ejecución distintos a los míos).
Sería interesante mostrar también gráficas con respecto a los créditos solicitados, así se podría ver si una máquina se encuentra en la media respecto al resto de máquinas de Ibercivis.
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres